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Quality management: Uncompromising, continuous examination

All production and machining processes must be examined continuously to ensure product quality.
Our consistent quality management system provides us with quick spare part supply and comprehensive, user-friendly documentations, facilitating maintenance, servicing and solving problems on-site.

One of our modern measuring instruments is the ATOS Triple Scan. This high-resolution optical digitiser delivers three-dimensional measuring data for the optimisation of design and construction processes quickly and precisely. The system ensures the measurement of components such as tools and moulds, prototypes, moulded and die-cast parts. As a result, we receive complete measurement data without gaps or defective dots.

Customer service

Our services in the field of quality management:

  • Continuous examination of all processes
  • Quick spare parts procurement
  • Comprehensive and user-friendly documentation
  • Modern measurement instruments (ATOS Triple Scan)
  • Measurement of components, tools, moulds, prototypes and moulded and die-cast parts as well
  • Complete measurement data
* especially good reasons

Why are we your right contact in the field of special purpose machine design?

  • Quick and flexible working method
  • Great expert knowledge and decades of experience
  • In-house design and manufacture
  • Global projects

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