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Our products: Innovative machines by experience

In the course of many projects, Greidenweis has acquired a wealth of experience as a specialist for particular tasks. Knowledge of the most varied requirements and demands in different industries and detailed expertise of the required processes are part of it.

As your contact partner for individual solutions we also develop and manufacture our own products which generate key advantages for you. In the course of our projects we often encounter similar challenges, which we meet by providing sophisticated solutions. We would like to present you some especially flexible, dynamic and individually applicable machine solutions providing you with decisive benefits.



Innovative spray head

* especially dynamic

The innovative spray head: Highly dynamic and versatile

By presenting the next generation of the innovative spray head for hotmelt application, Greidenweis demonstrates their special position in developing pioneering machines custom-tailored to the respective requirements.

The new, flexible spray head by Greidenweis can be equipped with up to three application modules which can be changed within less than ten minutes. The spray head is provided with a dynamic servo drive for exact dosing and drop retraction and can be used both in a stationary and robot guided way. As an option, a mixer for two-component applications can be employed.

Your benefits:

  • Application head can be variably equipped with up to three modules
  • Quick change-over in less than ten minutes: swirl/surface/contour/bead
  • Robust, highly dynamic servo drives
  • Stationary or 3D robot guided
Modular bag melter

* especially universal

The modular bag melter: Higher flow rate with optimised pump

The bag melter by Greidenweis was developed as a modular kit and can be used for one or two-component dosage with 2 kg and/or 20 kg containers. At the same time, the new generation of pumps provides a higher flow rate. The machine can be maintained by remote servicing, provides control of the glue lot and works with small amounts of melted glue.

In addition, the new bag melter provides another important advantage: as venting is no longer necessary, production can continue without interruptions when changing the containers. This is how you can reduce costs in production and save precious time.

Your benefits:

  • Flexible kit for 2 kg and 20 kg containers
  • For one or two-component hotmelt dosage
  • New improved pump generation
  • Improved cleaning options and remote maintenance
* especially customer-friendly

Greidenweis is your partner for special purpose machines: don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts for further information on our innovative products

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